Friday, 21 May 2021

The BBC still have reputational issues due to outsourcing

Ten years after I wrote a story about sub-sub-contractors causing reputational problems for the BBC because the public will look at the big household name on the sign, not the logo on the badge there is another classic example.

After a night of riots in Swansea, someone with access to post to the HIGNFY twitter feed from the VIth form common room, tweeted a joke so old even the Goon Show probably decided they couldn't get away with it even if they lampshaded it. I won't repeat it here, but if you have welsh heritage you can probably guess with a fair degree of accuracy if I say it isn't about sheep or rain.

The distance this person is from “Sitting in an office at Television Centre” is well known to those in the know, but to the vast majority of people on twitter “the sign above the door” says BBC and i don't really think they need any more reputational damage right now for the hypocrites in the rest of the media to latch on to.


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