Thursday, 11 June 2020

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Not much this white guy can add. Although it strikes me that some people[1] hear "Black Lives Matter" as "white lives don't".

I think in their mind they see the pie chart below, if the local police department stop killing black people they obviously have to kill more white people to keep up to quota on shooting civilians.
Pie chart of deaths at the hands of Washington DC police, starts at the correct 93:7 and ends up 100% white.
Deaths at the hands of police in Washington DC by race. Data for frame 1 from The Washington Post

They should of course be seeing and therefore wanting[2] this bar chart:
This happens time after time.
False equivalence, inappropriate but near religious worship of the zero sum game, and on occasion just plain ridiculousness.
"Take down statues of people who murdered and enslaved people." Response from some people[1] "They take one of ours, we take one of theirs, pull down the statues of Muhammad[3]"
because somehow there needs to be balance in statue removal, or
"Please consider looking at the names of your pubs and beers and remove racist names and iconography" "They'll be banning 'The White Horse' and 'The Red Lion' next"
I don't want to dilute this post with examples from other situations. But it is amazing how often privileged people think someone else getting treated like a human being, and efforts being made to ensure they get the same rights as everyone else, as a loss of some of their rights.

[1] Racist white people mainly.
[2] Surely everyone wants zero deaths at the hands of police. This is of course means no need for them to have to shoot at people, so no mass shootings[1]
[3]I shall leave quite how ridiculous this is as an exercise for the reader.

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