Sunday, 6 February 2011

Help wanted on writing about writing

I talked to a number of people over the last week about my next directorial project Julius Caesar. Unlike Macbeth for which the preparation of the script were some very minor edits for pace, I will be putting a lot of background material together for the cast to use in bringing these people to life on the stage.

These are after all real people and events and we have an awful lot of material not only about them but also written by them. I am not arrogant enough to suggest that what I will produce is “the truth” but it will be the truth that this production is based on. I’m not really sure if it will be of interest to anyone else will be but I hope it will and in any case I suspect the process will help with the play.

What I’m not sure about is how, the two obvious questions are “as I go along” Vs “All at the end” and what format to use. The immediate response I expect from lots of people is “blog it” but there will be things I am planning to keep from most members of the cast. This is a political drama and not all motives are out in the open. So if I’m not publishing as I go along then all sorts of other formats could be used. So what do you guys think: An eBook? Webpage? Dead trees? Finally should it be an annotated script or just the story of the adaption and directing process and the extra material I produce?


Jim Barter said...

I've just finished reading "A Year in Tibet" by Sun Shuyun, this is the book for the TV program she made of the same name.

Rather than try to write a literal version of the documentary, She instead wrote about the characters in the film, to flesh them out and give the reader a deeper insight into the goings on of the hearts and minds of Tibetan folk - The Book - The Film

Jim Barter said...

I've just realised that doesn't answer your question at all.

'tis a good book/film though.


Unknown said...

If you used one of the journal sites rather than a blog site you could post each entry with differing security (although each cast member would also need a journal as well I suppose) and once finished you could turn it into a book using ljbook or the like.

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