Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a book review blog, but I have been reading a lot recently. I have not long finished Nation by Terry Pratchett and started Anathem by Neil Stephenson the former being very good, the latter has a very steep learning curve, but at nearly 900 pages it can afford to take a little time getting going.

In between, I polished off Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and I cannot recommend this book enough. It isn't simply a book of the blog or a potted history of the various tactics assorted quackery and the media have used to promote and sensationalise misinformation. Using examples that will be familiar to those of you that do read his blog it is an attempt to inform the reader of how to spot the methods used by pharmaceutical companies and quacks to promote their snake oil and defend their market share and how the media is complicit in this and the overblowing of unfounded heath scandals for reasons of circulation.

Find it, read it, spread the word. Arm yourself against the rubbish that we are all subject to from people trying to make money out of our health and worst of all exploiting the nations children.

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