Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Lack of visibility

As I walked past the Town Hall this morning the only sign of a strike was a lone placard leaning against the wall next to the back door.[1] I thought about wandering down to the nasty modern building that has many more actual council workers in it to see if there was a better turn out there but decided against. Unison obviously wasn't really making an effort. They missed the prime opportunity to be visible as people arrive at the various bus and tram stops near the Town Hall on their way to offices or streaming past to the station. The chances to put their case to people lost. I don't really support this strike anyway, while yes they are getting low pay rises this year, so are most of the rest of us. The economy is screwed and while I understand that they say that they haven't had decent pay rises in previous years when the country wasn't feeling the pinch, it seems somewhat foolish to hold your biggest strike in years when there isn't any money.

I am much more disappointed that I haven't seen anyone in uniform for the TA's centennial 'Uniform to Work Day' I hope that if I go out for lunch I will get to see people being proud of this very important work they do.

[1]I think you go in that door if you want to licence your taxi or register a birth, marriage or death. As I have never done any of these things I am not 100% sure.

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