Thursday, 17 January 2008

Ten years is a long time in...

We are in the first few days of a shiny new year so naturally all of the media, both old and new, people are looking at what anniversaries fall this year, in technology ten years ago the iMac was released, Compaq bought DEC oh and a little company called Google, was incorporated.
In the UK one of the most significant and subsequently maligned pieces of legislation was introduced, the Human Rights Act (and the companion clauses in the Scotland Act) on the face of it just brought the rights that we already had into play earlier in the judicial process, but it provided for so much more, mainly an easy target for the right to throw stones at. It also of course brought about the final formal abolishing of the death penalty.
Over in America the floodgates for the sort of citizen journalism, that a fair proportion of those of you with blogs, practice were opened by Matt Drudge. He broke a story about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and probably more importantly he broke that Newsweek were sitting on it.

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