Saturday, 10 November 2007

Well I know it his job

Simon Hoggart is a parliamentary sketch writer. His job therefore is to provide the public insight into the workings of the legislature through lightweight reportage that is witty and banterfull rather than bountiful. Sketch writers as part satirists have irony and sarcasm in their tool-kit, with equal measures of anger, and bitchiness putting the bite into the humour.
This Friday however he forgot that when attempting to satirise someone a key factor is that it is funny and in this modern enlightened world we live in, dumb use of stereotyping just really isn't. I expect something better from the man who has written sketch for the newspaper of choice for the soft liberal left for almost 15 years, perhaps he should look for a more appropriate job to exercise his lack of narrow-mindedness, taking over Bernard Manning's slot on the Lancashire born intolerant comics circuit that or join the Labour government as Home Secretary. Oh and Simon, I know plenty of real people hereabout that say 'reet'.

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