Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Well chaps this is it, time to go over the top!

The cast and crew of Journey's End stormed through the dress rehearsal last night. The opening nerves haven't kicked in for opening night yet, but by about 4pm I will be really quite fretful, oh well it is what fuels me to go out there and perform. The whole thing is looking good and while it is of course nothing like the real trenches, the cast have bonded putting together a really emotional play (I am trying to avoid saying anything that would land me in "luvvies" were I famous). So, now we just have to make sure that the audience get the full benefit of our hard work and enjoy the light-hearted bits without loosing the atmosphere of the serious bits.

You can get a full account of the rigours of play week from the archive.


Anonymous said...

Well, break a leg, or otherwise do whatever it is you superstitious acting types do to help things go well.


Anonymous said...

Sarah and I went to see it last night; really enjoyed it. The humour held up really well considering the thing was 80 years old, and you and your fellows managed to get the emotion across without veering into Blackadder territory. It's a shame you got lumbered with the least sympathetic character, but someone's got to do it, right?