Saturday, 13 October 2007


320g Arboro rice
1 litre mushroom/chicken/vegetable stock
1 medium onion, finely chopped
125g chestnut mushrooms, chopped
12-15g dried porcini/oyster/shitaki/wild mushrooms
a generous splash/small glass of extra dry vermouth
a large handful of freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese
three quality sausages per person (I used pork with chilli this time)
Slices of plump tomato (optional)

Pork and chilli sausages on mushroom risotto

Set a griddle pan on a gentle heat, put the sausages and if desired the tomato slices on to slowly cook.
Soak the dried mushrooms in a little of the warm stock for 30 minutes. Melt a little butter in a large saucepan and gently sautee the chestnut mushrooms and when they are browned add the soaked chestnut mushrooms for the last few minutes. remove from the pan and put to one side. Melt another small knob of butter in the pan, and sweat the onion, turn up the heat then add the rice and cook until the rice is very hot and the grains are starting to turn translucent. Pour in the vermouth and stir until absorbed, then add the stock 1 ladle full at a time, stirring continuously, only adding another when the previous one is absorbed. When you have used about three quarters of the stock start watching carefully the speed at which it is absorbed, as it slows add less stock each time. When the rice has absorbed all the stock it will or you have, add the mushrooms and let it slowly simmer for 10 minutes then add the cheese. After a further couple of minutes on the heat, dish out the risotto, and arrange the sausages and tomatoes on top.
A note on portions The risotto recipe is supposedly enough for four people, and here I with the three sausages it is probably filling enough, for three people everyone gets a bit more risotto; if only serving two you could reduce the amount of risotto or just have some left over for your lunch box or to make something like arancini or suppli.


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